Frequently asked questions

How can i book a vehicle and a private chauffeur with Your Driver Services

You can directly book online a vehicle with private chauffeur by accessing the booking page.
-By email :
-By Phone : available 24/24 at +32 490 19 11 92

Does Your Driver Services offer an international transport service

We provide private chauffeur services that cover the most important cities in Europe

Cancellation policy

The cancellation fees will be calculated according to the cancellation date.
-48 Hours in advance: no cancellation fees
-48 to 24 Hours before the actual booking: 50% fees based on the initially agreed price
-24 Hours before the actual booking: 100% based on the agreed price
*For special events (weddings, new year' eve, special requests, etc.) the cancellation fees will be of 100% if a ride is cancelled 2 weeks before the event.

How can i receive an invoice

All invoices will be sent by email. It is also possible to receive your invoice at the end of your trip, but this must be asked in advance.

Is it possible to book a vehicle with private chauffeur for another person, but i will pay for the ride with my credit card


What payment methods are accepted

We accept all the major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bancontact, JCB, CUP, vPay.

Can i pay in cash

Yes, but a valid credit card is required to make an online booking.

Can you provide a child seat

Yes, but we need to be informed in advance in order to assure the proper child seat type, depending on age.

I have more luggage than the vehicle's trunk capacity, can i put the extra luggage on the passengers seats

No, this is not allowed for security reasons.
Also we take good care of our vehicles condition, we cannot accept any damage of the interior. If you are aware that your luggage will not fit to the selected vehicle's class, we advice you to book a vehicle with a bigger luggage capacity (ex. Mini-Van).

If my flight is delayed do i get to pay extra waiting fees

No, in case your flight was delayed no extra fees will be charged. By the contrary if your flight arrives in time and if for certain reasons you did not meet the driver, or called, in the next 60 minutes, after this period extra waiting fees will be applied.

I have forgot a personal item in the vehicle, how can i recover it

We strongly advice you to verify that you have all your personal goods before leaving our vehicle. If you have forgotten a personal item in the vehicle, please call us as soon as possible, if it will be found by our driver, we'll arrange in a very short time that you will receive it.
We decline any responsibility for lost items in our vehicles.

If the depart address is an airport, at what time do i need to book my transfer

At the same hour of your flight's arrival.

When my credit card will be charged

Once arrived at the destination point.

Can i modify or change the destination address during my trip

Yes, but depending on the extra milage or time, extra fees me be applied.

If i have a special event, can i request a champagne in the vehicle

Yes, we'll be happy to help you with your event. We can arrange to have champagne in the vehicle, also other beverages. Certain fees will be applied for such request.

Can we smoke in the vehicle

No, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the vehicle, also the consumption of illegal substances it is not allowed.

Do you accept pets on board of your vehicles

Yes, pets are allowed in our vehicles is they are inside a travel cage.

What should i do once my flight landed

You have to meet our driver at the location that we've mentioned when your booking was confirmed.
If for any reason you cannot find our chauffeur, you can call directly our company, or the driver.

Do i get to receive a notification when the driver is on the departure address

Yes, our system will automatically notify you that the driver is at the pick up point. Meanwhile we would like to ask our clients to be ready for departure at the scheduled hour.